Sail Fish Expedition


Snorkel and swim with the fastest fish in the ocean !. Sailfish can swim up to 109 km per hora 30 m per segundo.

From January to March, we can enjoy of this unique adventure, where the sailfish feed with sardines in their own enviroment at the north of Yucatan peninsula.

Sailfish catch in a very organized way, and its possible to observe them while the eat the big sohal of sardines near the surface.

These sohal are found North of Contoy isalnd, here is where we swim and snorkel wearing only snorkel gear.

From afar we observe seabirds that also feed on sardines and inform us that goes beyond food and therefore also sailfish.

Sail fish snorkeling adventure tour description:

At 8:15 am aprox. We depart to open waters to the sailfish encounter in a fast boat with 2 engines (275 hp each one)

We will swimming and snorkeling between 1 hour and a half to 2 hours with the sail fish.

Its a unique expedition to see in a natural enviroment to cath their own food.

What does this Safari include:
On board, soft drinks, water, beer and a lunch box (sandwich), also all gear and lifevest

What to birng to the Sailfish Safari:

- Swimming suit
- Light close
- Biodegradable sun protector
- Hat, sun glasses, sandals, towel, camara !

For more information about this amazing tour, please Contact us. This trip is organized by a third party - Sea Friends tour.