Extend your diving time – Nitrox course


The Padi Nitrox course is the latest tool in our effort to stay underwater, especially in the 18 - 30 metres (60 - 100 ft) range. EANx does this by replacing some of the nitrogen in the air with oxygen, this means you absorb less nitrogen during a dive, which gives you longer no decompression limits. Advantage ? stay more time underwater ! and enjoy even more your dives... During the EANx or Nitrox course you will learn the procedures for no decompression diving with EANx, to use EANx dive computers as well as dive tables for planning dives with no stop limits and the oxygen exposure limits. The course consists of knowledge development and practical application. To be certified as Nitrox Diver you need to be 12 years old and a certified diver: PADI Open Water diver, Advanced diver, Rescue diver

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